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Select Projects 1969 - 1980

Real doors, re-purposed by having been sprayed with cement, paired and reconsidered in a white gallery space.


6 pieces, each consisting of a horizontal array of four vertical color photographs of corridors in old, Hollywood apartment buildings - plus 7 individual corridor images.

Door/Window Constructions

Multi-panel b&w photographs of doors and windows, literally cut out of context and presented on the gallery wall as adjacent images. The work explored the issues of inside/outside experience and the nature of the interface -- this time, though, abstracting the dialog into the gallery setting.

Triptychs and Quadrants
Graphic space created from architectural space; re-assembled images from The Hollywood Suites apartments.


Storm/Wall Pairs

Black and white images of storms on the Pacific horizon paired with images of interior walls in The Hollywood Suites.


The Hollywood Suites (bound doors)
Black and white images of interventions in the rooms of The Hollywood Suites.


The Hollywood Suites (interior studies)
Black and white images of windows, mirrors, and doors -- the wall elements in the rooms of The Hollywood Suites.

The Hollywood Suites (nudes)
Black and white images of nudes from photo sessions in The Hollywood Suites.
Portfolio of b&w images of blurred reality. This marked my departure from traditional photographic concerns. Monograph published in 1973.
Early Street Shooting
Exploring traditional reportage and street photography.
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