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Storm/Wall Pairs 1978

Click on image below for slideshow and captions.

The Hollywood Suites spawned several related projects. I had been photographing in old apartment buildings in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles, buildings that had experienced decades of neglect and myriads of occupants. The rooms and corridors were impersonal and unadorned, having become basic containers for its transient dwellers.

Confronting the bleakness of the walls as the interface between interior and exterior experience and comparing that to the forced perspective of the fantasy landscapes of the framed prints on the walls, led me to consider another subject I was exploring at the same time. 

I had been shooting the storms I could see develop over the Pacific Ocean from my front porch in the hills of Malibu. The walls had both the character of physical barrier and infinite graphic space, while the storms were characterized by just the opposite - infinite physical depth with the perception of flat, graphic space. The worlds in which I worked and lived were very different - from no-exit containment to unbounded vistas.

In that I had been exploring each concurrently, I decided to present them together in a series entitled "Storm/Wall". I made two sets of paired images - one set of 11x14 inch gelatin silver prints; the other set were mural-sized, gelatin silver prints mounted on 36x48 inch aluminum panels.

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