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Steve Kahn (1943-2018)

Photography was not what I learned in school, but I studied it like a language and got my experience on the street, shooting what was around me, following a tradition of reportage image making. I did not find this very satisfying and soon broke from tradition with the production of my first monograph "Stasis 1973." That was followed by "The Hollywood Suites," a 4-year exploration of events in rooms of old tenement buildings in a run-down section of Hollywood. I first photographed genre nudes, then focused on the rooms themselves, isolating key architectural elements, exploring inside/outside relationships, abstraction and multiple image presentations. 

Moving to New York in 1986 changed everything for me. Except for a photo essay of "Chemical Plants" in 1989, I worked almost exclusively as a commercial photographer. 

In 2002 I returned to the art arena with a comprehensive group of post-9/11 portraits entitled "Subway Series."  

Represented by Howard Greenberg Gallery in NY and Casemore Kirkeby Gallery in SF.



2020                  Casemore Kirkeby Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Polaroids: Steve Kahn 1974-1977

2018                  de Young Museum, San Francisco, CA; The Hollywood Suites (Catalog)

                          Casemore Kirkeby Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Stasis, Corridors 1969-1980

                          Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York, NY; Hollywood Suites

2016                  Casemore Kirkeby Gallery; San Francisco, CA; Triptychs and Door/Window Constructions (murals)

2015                  Joseph Bellows Gallery; La Jolla, CA; Corridors 1979/2013

2013                  Galería Sánchez de Lamadrid; Jerez de la Frontera, Spain; Being There 1967-69

2012                  Joseph Bellows Gallery; La Jolla, CA; The Hollywood Suites 1974-77

2002                  Centro de Investigaciones Etnológicas;  Granada, Spain; New York – El Metro (Catalog)

1981                  De Beyerd Museum;  Breda, Holland (Catalog)   

                          Yvon Lambert Gallery;  Paris, France;  Triptychs and Quadrants                                            

                          Basel Art Fair (Yvon Lambert Gallery);  Basel, Switzerland                      

                          International Culturel Centrum;  Antwerp, Belgium; Triptychs and Quadrants (Catalog) 

1980                  Rosamund Felsen Gallery;  Los Angeles; Sprayed Cement Doors                                            

1979                  Young/Hoffman Gallery;  Chicago; Triptychs, Quadrants and Door/Window Constructions

                          Cronin Gallery;  Houston; Storm/Wall (murals)                                                         

                          Rosamund Felsen Gallery;  Los Angeles; Door/Window Constructions (murals)

1977                  Gagosian Gallery (aka: Broxton Gallery);  Los Angeles; Triptych and Quadrant (murals)

1976                  The Texas Center for Photographic Studies; Dallas; Triptych and Quadrant (murals)

1975                  California State University;  Los Angeles;  Stasis                                        

                          American Cultural Center;  Paris, France; Stasis

                          USIS Cultural Program;  Milan, Rome & Naples, Italy; Stasis

1974                  The Photographers’ Gallery;  London, England; Stasis




2020                   "Southland"; Gallery Luisotti, Los Angeles, CA

                           "Unseen: 35 Years of Collecting Photographs"; J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA

2012                   “Silver Curtain”; Stephen Wirtz Gallery, San Francisco, CA

2008-2012          “Flamenco Project”; 10 venues in Spain (Cádiz, Córdoba, Jerez de la Frontera, Badajoz, Sevilla and Utrera; (Catalog)

                           “Prohibido el Cante: Flamenco y Fotografía”; Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC); Sevilla, Spain; Aperture Gallery, NYC (Catalog)

2003                  “Sinmisterios del Flamenco”; Centro de Investigaciones Etnológicas;  Granada, Spain; (Catalog)

2002                  “Here is New York”; Traveling Exhibition; Images from the 9/11 Attack on the WTC

1999                  “Blur and Modernism / Dreaming and Becoming”; Les Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d'Arles (Catalog)

                          “Proof: Los Angeles Art and the Photograph, 1960-1980”; Laguna Art Museum, California (Catalog)

                           “L’Art Amerécain 1960-1992”; Museé de Toulon, France (Catalog)

1986                  “Five Years of Acquisitions”; Museé de La Roche-sur-Yon, France

1984                  “La Photographie Creative”; Pavilion des Arts de la Ville de Paris

1983                  “Color Photography”; Oakland Museum of Art, California; Corridors

                          “Young Talent Awards; l963 - 1983”; Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Catalog)

1982                  “Contemporary Tryptychs”, Claremont College, California (Catalog)

                          “Target III: In Sequence”; Photographic Sequences from the Target Collection of

                       American Photography; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Catalog)

1981                   “Locations”; California State College, San Bernardino

                           “Wallworks”; University of Southern California, Los Angeles (Catalog)

1980                  “Situational Imagery”; University of California, Irvine

                           Annina Nosei Gallery; New York City; Triptych #6 (mural)

1979                  “Attitudes:  Photography in the 1970’s”; Santa Barbara Museum, California (Catalog)

                          “DeCointet, Hernandez, Holste, Kahn” Otis Art Institute, Los Angeles

                          “The Anthony G. Cronin Memorial Collection”; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (Catalog)

                          The Altered Photograph”; PS1, New York Door/Window #2

1978                  “Interchange”; Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles (Catalog)

                          “Contemporary California Photography”; Camerawork Gallery, San Francisco (Catalog)

                          "Ten Artists' Work Sent From Los Angeles to Hallwalls"; Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo, NY (Catalog)

1977                  “Creative Photography of the 20th Century from the Collection of the Bibliotheque Nationale”;

                                   Museé Nationale D’Art Modern et Culture George Pompidou, Paris

                          “Emerging LA Photographers”; Friends of Photography, Carmel, and ICP, New York City, (Catalog)

                          "Faculty Exhibition" California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles, CA (Catalog)

1976                  “Exposing: Photographic Definitions”; Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary Art (Catalog)

                          “Contemporary American Photography”; University of California, Los Angeles (Catalog)

                          “Sequences”;  Broxton Gallery, Los Angeles

1975                  “8 Artists from LA”; San Francisco Art Institute

1974                  “Light and Substance”; University of New Mexico, Albuquerque (Catalog)

1973                  "Emulsion '73"; Civic Arts Gallery, Walnut Creek, CA (Catalog)

                          "24 from LA”; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (Catalog)




2018                  Paris Photo, Paris, Casemore Kirkeby

2017                  Untitled.ART SF; Casemore Kirkeby

              PhotoFairs SF; Casemore Kirkeby

2016                  AIPAD; Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

2015                  AIPAD; Joseph Bellows Gallery

2014                  Classic Photo LA, Joseph Bellows Gallery

2013                  PhotoLA; Joseph Bellows Gallery




Museum of Modern Art, New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C

Art Institute of Chicago

J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

de Young Museum, San Francisco

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art




Museum of Modern Art, New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C

J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

High Museum of Art, Atlanta

University of New Mexico, Albuquerque                                                                                                                        

Houston Museum of Fine Arts    

Dallas Museum of Art

de Young Museum, San Francisco

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art   

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art

Grunwald Collection / Hammer Gallery UCLA

Power Gallery of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia                                              

De Beyerd Museum, Breda, Holland       

Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, France                                                            

Museum of Modern Art, Toulon, France                                                               

Museé de La Roche-sur-Yon, France   





2010                  Los Premios de la X Convocatoria Cultural Internacional del Festival del Cante de las Minas (2009)

Visual Arts: Flamenco Project, una ventana a la visión extranjera 1960 – 1985, a project dedicated to assembling, preserving, exhibiting and publishing of unique audiovisual documents reflecting a foreign perspective on flamenco; edited and curated by Steve Kahn and sponsored by the Sevilla-based cultural foundation Cajasol | Obra Social.

1980                  Photographer Fellowship; National Endowment for the Arts  (NEA)                   

1979                  Young Talent Purchase Award; Los Angeles County Museum of Art    




2018                  Chemical Plants; Nazraeli Press Library Series; scheduled for publication Winter 2018

2015                  Corridors; Nazraeli Press 1-Picture Book; 7 color reproductions + original print; ISBN 978-1-59005-425-3

2014                  The Hollywood Suites 1974-1976; Nazraeli Press Library Series; 51 b/w reproductions; ISBN 978-1-59005-385-0

2010                  Flamenco Project, una ventana a la visión extranjera 1960 – 1985; Cajasol | Obra Social (Spain); Steve Kahn, Editor;

  192 pages, 120 b/w reproductions, 8 essays; ISBN 978-84-92704-24-8

1999                  SoHo New York; Rizzoli International Publications; 144 pages, 137 color reproductions; ISBN 0-8478-2156-0;

1973                  Stasis; Independently Published Monograph of 22 Photographs; ISBN 00-914538-00-4




1966                  BA  Reed College; Portland, Oregon




2003                  Instructor, Digital Photography & Advanced Photography; Pratt Institute, NYC

2002                  Instructor; Digital Photography; Pratt Institute, NYC

2000                  Guest Lecture, Rochester Institute of Technology                 

1981                  Guest Artist; Chicago Art Institute (Week-long Workshop)         

1978-1979         Instructor; Graduate Program, California Institute of the Arts




1943                   Born in Los Angeles, California

1968-1986          Los Angeles

1986-2009          New York City

2009-2011          Spain and Berkeley, California                 

2012-2018          Berkeley, California 



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