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Corridors 1979

Click on image below for slideshow and captions.

In photographing corridors in 4-story apartment buildings, I explored the last chapter of The Hollywood Suites. These were the conjunctive elements in my architectural syntax -- the passages that connected the rooms. I used the images as pieces in a metaphorical puzzle of the mind. As physical spaces, the corridors were common areas with histories where tenants came and went, anonymous yet familiar. The prints combine strong formal structure, sensuosity of subtle color and the mundane content of the corridors themselves. I wanted to capture some aspects what I experienced in these hallways. 

TECHNICAL:  As with the previous studies, I used a Polaroid 195 camera with on-camera flash and instant, pull-and-peel color print material to photograph each of four floors in old Hollywood apartment buildings. The selected images were then copied onto 4x5 transparency material. Originally these were presented in groups of 4 images, each of which a 14 x 17 inch Cibachrome. The framed piece measures 21 x 55 inches. Ten pieces in an edition of five were produced with the help of a 1978 NEA Grant. In 2013 I made large (30x24 inches) Hahnemühle pigment prints of individual Corridor images and 5 selected Corridor sets - to replace the original Cibachromes..

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