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The Hollywood Suites (interiors) 1975-1976

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The explorations presented in this portfolio followed a year's work with porno industry models in run-down apartments in the old Hollywood district of Los Angeles. On one occasion, the model didn't show up, and I found that I could investigate the same issues by photographing the room itself - without the models. This discovery led to the next body of work: "The Hollywood Suites (mirrors, windows and doors)". These were studies of the room - exploring the contained (content/me) through explorations of the container itself (the room). How one takes on the nature of the other... 

It was clear that in the previous work I had been creating existential encounters with the models, confronting my own complex responses to a very loaded situation. By removing the extreme content, I could focus on other, more generic issues. It was time to investigate the immediate environment for the ideas it embodied. What could I learn from the walls and their portals, about the inside and out...?

TECHNICAL:  These images were originally made on pull-and-peel Polaroid black & white instant print material, later copied onto a fast, grainy 35mm film and finally printed on 11x14 gelatin silver coated paper. They are gray, grainy and high key.

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